Now that you're here, we both know that you yearn to serve goddesses like me: women of beauty, strength and curves - the kind of woman who lives life to the full, never letting others hold her back. You want to please me, worship me, give yourself up completely to me. And who could blame you? With my gorgeous hourglass figure and tiny waist, as well as my perfect, narrow, size 6 feet, it would truly be a waste to not be worshipped, manicured, massaged and cleaned. My curves are not for the faint of heart; they will intimidate you, make your breath catch in your throat, and fill your mind with fantasies of feeling my weight on top of you. Wrapped in latex, PVC or leather, I am truly a vision to behold.


I love dominating anyone I find attractive, regardless of gender, and enjoy having the chance to be playful and in control while being served and pleasured. One of my favourite indulgences is having subs and slaves. In a comfortable, discreet and intimate environment, you will find yourself encouraged to be yourself and to serve me; to take your punishments and your rewards with gratitude; and to revel in the chance to bask in my presence. I am outspoken and firm, and more than comfortable calling you names, humiliating you, degrading you, laughing at you and pitying you while you fawn over me (as you should!)


Being in a dungeon environment really brings out the very best in my domination; I relish the access to all the toys, apparatus and furniture; spending time experimenting with all the ways to make you writhe with pleasure and pain, creating a symphony of beautiful juxtaposition in practice. Tucked away in a private BDSM, kink-led environment, I will happily guide you through these sensations and help you explore (or even discover for the first time) new ways to play that really make you tick. 


If the idea of pleasing and serving me is stirring excitement within you, contact me via my booking page and introduce yourself. Once you have done so, I will provide you with more information on what domination services I provide and we can discuss what you are hoping to explore, so that we can be clear on each other's wants and needs.