When the time comes for me to be submissive, I love dressing for the occasion.

Excited by the pressure of suspenders gripping my thick thighs and holding up smooth, silky, nylon stockings.

I love being PVC bound, my breasts threatening to spill over as I gaze at you with desperate eyes, holding a spanking implement with a firm, forceful grip. Fantasies run through my head of how you will use it on me: how many times, how hard, where on my body I'll feel the welcome sensations, how much I can handle, how far I'll let you go. 


I must admit that I get up to all kinds of mischief and naughtiness, and being punished for this never fails to give me surges of excitement. As you may be able to tell already, I am full of joie de vivre and I let that guide my fancies, so to be teased, used, tortured and controlled in exchange for all the pleasure I eke out of life is a deep craving I can never fully satisfy. Whether it comes in the form of having my orgasms controlled through denial or force; or by having that mouth-watering combination of pleasure and pain thrust upon me, the discipline that comes with submission is what I crave. 


As you might expect, submission such as this can only be given to those who have earned it, so I only allow those who are serious and experienced to dominate me. I am very particular about who I submit to, so please know that if I choose to let you have this kind of control over me, you have truly proven that you deserve the honour. 

I look forward to receiving demands from you.


Your Billie.