Virtual Girlfriend

Virtual experiences can take place worldwide. 

There are seas and borders between us physically, but virtually it's just us.

So far I have accomplished many activities through Virtual Dates. You could teach me how to cook something, or I could teach you. 

Serenade me, or watch me discover my body through your screen. Tell me about your day, a fantasy you had, something you want to try.

We are living in trying times, so usually, I wouldn’t want to be so present online as I enjoy dates, but as a measure to try and protect those who cannot come and see me, I am opting to join the many others turning their lives virtual.



Video call:

Wouldn’t it be fun to pretend we’re having a work meeting?

40% off of my usual rate of meeting in person. 

We can connect on FaceTime, WhatsApp Video, and Zoom. 


Telephone me:

15min - £50

30min - £80

1hr - £100


WhatsApp voice notes are extremely fun. It means you can listen and reply in your own time. £100 per day.