Though not ever expected, gifts are always appreciated and a way to put a big smile on my face. 

One way of making our time really special together is showing me how much you appreciate me, and what better way to do so than a gift?

However you might be stuck on deciding which gift to get. So I'll leave a few clues...

Lingerie & Kink equipment & toys:

Honey Birdette


Coco de Mer


Giftcards: Asos, Amazon

Crypto tips accepted via Bitcoin

Having spent some time up in the Highlands of Scotland I've become a fan of Whisky, though I must admit I much prefer Japanese whisky than Scotch as I like tastes that are less peaty, but I won't complain if theres a scotch in my hand. I also drink Vodka and Gin favouring Zubrowska and  Hendricks.

I know gentlemen love to gift women scents; I know this because I have been gifted many parfumes and have run out of space! Though I'd love to be bought more, the sensible option would be to ask for the lotion or candle version of a scent you wish me to experience. 

As I'm always living on the wild side of life, when it comes to gifts I am open to exploration and trying new things.

Show me something new? A whisky, or chocolates I may not have tried before? A speciality from your country or culture, or from your favorite place? 

What I find interesting about gifts is that you can share a tiny part of your life with a person who may never get to experience what you have. And thats something really special. 

If you are worried about discretion when gift-giving, don't worry we can discuss over email a location for you to post the gift to me!


Helpful info:

Lingerie: 34E, M waist, M/UK12/14 bottoms.

Clothes: UK 12 / M

Shoes: UK 6

No dietary requirements, though I do prefer dark chocolates and enjoy home cooking as much as I can handle spice.