Where are you based?

I am based in London, United Kingdom. I hope you've always fancied a trip to England's capital.

Do you offer duos?

I do! I offer duo's, and sessions with more than two of us girls to join you. In fact, I encourage them.

Can I book you for a holiday?

Of course you can. I offer a Fly Me To You service which means you can ... fly me to you! I can join you in any part of the world you are in as long as we have secured a travel deposit prior to the booking.

Do you see couples?

Yes! I'd love to bring an extra element to your love life. I'll help you achieve what you desire, and also introducing me to your partner is extremely fun for me.

How do I make a booking?

The 'Booking and Availability' page in the menu is a contact form in which you can fill out. If you already have my email and phone number then feel free to contact me via those channels.


 Where do you host incalls?

I only ever work from 4 or 5 star hotels, and on occasion from my apartment all depending on what type of session you are booking.

I use this excuse to book 4 and 5 star hotels in which I spend my days lounging in the spa, getting massages and drinking cocktails on their roof-bars. 

Can I bring you a gift?

Of course, gifts are a sweet idea and always welcome alongside my commission, though are never expected. 

I'd enjoy it if you brought something we could share, perhaps some champagne? Sweet treats?

Or something I could wear for you? 

I'd like a dinner date, where shall I book?

If you are arriving in the city after a long travel then I am more than happy to recommend some ideas of where we can spend some social time together. We can discuss venues in our email exchange whilst booking a session.

As a thick thighed curvy companion I know a few good places for food.

Who do you see? 

Anyone who is of legal age, respectful and hygienic. 

Age, size, ability, disability, race, religion does not matter to me as I will see you regardless of these things.